Bikeability and One-to-One Cycle Training to Continue Through Lockdown 2.0

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It has been announced that Bikeability cycle training and one-to-one cycle training can continue through lockdown 2.0. 

Following the implementation of new national restrictions across England on Thursday 5th November 2020, the government announced that schools will remain open during lockdown. This decision was made to “prioritise the wellbeing and long-term futures of our young people.”

The latest guidance issued by The Department for Transport emphasises that sport and active travel helps “to enable pupils to be physically active while encouraging physical distancing.” Following this policy the Department for Education, Department for Transport and Public Health England have given permission for Bikeability cycle training and one-to-one training to continue throughout the duration of the lockdown period. More information can be found in The Bikeability Trust’s newsletter

Outspoken are following strict industry guidance on social distancing and virus control including:

  • Covid-19 symptoms: Instructors will not take part in Bikeability cycle training if they, or a member of their household displays Covid-19 symptoms. If this happens, another instructor will deliver Bikeability or training will be rearranged for another date.
  • Hand washing: Instructors will follow robust hygiene guidance, including frequent hand washing and sanitising, and instructors will check that all pupils have washed their hands before they start the training session.
  • Equipment: Equipment must not be shared between bubbles. Any loaned equipment, such as tabards and bicycles, will be thoroughly cleaned or quarantined between each training session.
  • Social Distancing: Instructors will have no physical contact with pupils, and they will always maintain a social distance of two metres. Any “hands-on” exercises such as checking a cycle and fitting a helmet will be demonstrated.
  • PPE: As all Bikeability training takes place outdoors, wearing PPE is not essential. If PPE is required, instructors may wear a combination of face shields, face coverings and gloves.
  • NHS Test and Trace: All Bikeability instructors will keep a record of their training courses for 21 days and inform the school if they display symptoms or test positive for Covid-19.

More information on industry guidelines can be found in the Bikeability Addendum and Bikeability Delivery Guide

We hope you agree that cycling will have a key role in helping the country through lockdown and with the recovery by enabling people to actively move around whilst maintaining social distancing. Please get in touch, if we can help you with your cycling.