Learning Resources

Schools and Parents

To support schools and parents, we have collated some useful cycling themed activities and resources to help enthuse your child/ren to cycle and learn.

Bikeability Tools for Schools

Cycling is a key life skills which encourages social and thinking skills as well as developing resilience, perseverance and independence.

Tools for Schools is a collection of resources to help teachers and parents engage children of all ages in cycling. Developed in partnership with schools, teachers and Bikeability instructors, the toolbox of teacher guides, prompts and pupil resources contain cross curriculum links to help you build cycling into regular lessons. 

Please visit the Bikeability website.

British Cycling's Ready, Set, Ride

Supporting children to learn to cycle and go on master control of their bikes

British Cycling have developed a variety of short, fun and easy to set up games to enable children to go from non-riders to cycling independently and mastering control of the bikes. The aim is for children to enjoy using the bikes and allows them to progress at their own pace. 

Please visit British Cycling’s Ready, Set Ride website

Family Cycling

Riding as a family is a fantastic way to explore your surroundings, get some fresh air and exercise as well as spending quality time together.

For more information about what your child has been taught and advice on how you can ride together as a group, please click on the video link:

Please visit our Bikeability Family training web page if you would like some support cycling as a group.