Parental Information

Be Prepared

We hope your child is excited about their upcoming Bikeability cycle training with us.

We kindly ask parents/guardians to prepare their child’s bicycle, helmet and clothing to enable us to make the experience as exciting and rewarding as possible. We recommend you do this well in advance of your child’s course to ensure they can participate fully. You may need to visit a bike shop before the course.

We recommend you ensure your child’s bike is in good working order. As a minimum, please check the following:

  1. Air: Are the tyres pumped up to the required tyre pressure (stamped on the side of the tyre)?

  2. Brakes: Does the bike have a working front and rear brake capable of stopping it?

  3. Chain: Has the chain been cleaned and oiled?

  4. Gears (if present): Can you run through the gears on the bike smoothly?

  5. Nuts and Bolts: Are the handlebars, saddle and wheels tightly secured?

Please check that your child’s helmet fits correctly by following the three steps below:

  1. A helmet should sit comfortably on the top of their head with the peak sitting about two fingers width from their eyebrows.

  2. The side adjusters should sit just below their ears and should form a ‘V’ shape on the side of their head.

  3. The chin strap should allow for two fingers to fit between it and the chin. You should not be able to slide it over their chin when fastened.

Please make sure your child has suitable shoes that are secured e.g. trainers with laces.

On cold or wet days, please ensure your child has a coat, gloves and a couple of extra layers of clothing to wear.

On warm, sunny days, please make sure your child has access to suncream and plenty of water to drink during the sessions.

Enjoy Cycling

Future Bikeability Training

We hope your child enjoyed their cycling and has been inspired and enthused to ride more. Please speak to your school about additional Bikeability cycle training so we can continue to help your child continue cycling.

Family Cycling

Riding as a family is a fantastic way to explore your surroundings, get some fresh air and exercise as well as spending quality time together.

For more information about what your child has been taught and advice on how you can ride together as a group, please click on the video link:

Please visit our Bikeability Family training web page if you would like some support cycling as a group.


We value all feedback (positive and constructive) as this allows us to continuously improve our training.

To provide feedback, please follow the link below:

Parental/Carer Feedback Form Link