Bikeability Cycle Training

More people cycling, more safely, more often.

Bikeability cycle training is the modern version of cycling proficiency, equipping pupils with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to enable them to cycle more.

The three Bikeability cycle training levels take children from master control of their bicycles off-road through to planning and making independent on-road journeys. We also offer a variety of Bikeability Plus modules including balance bike, learn to ride and bike maintenance training.

Parental Information

Whether you are preparing your child for one of our activities, looking to cycle more or would like to provide feedback on your experiences, we are keen to help.

We hope our Parental Information web page is a good starting point to help you make a switch to cycling more.

Active Travel Activities

Are you keen to promote active travel on the school run? We offer a range of cycle, scooter and pedestrian training to encourage pupils to make more physically active journeys.

Bikelife Whole School Programmes

Bikelife is a unique programme for schools that equips pupils, families and school staff with the skills and enthusiasm to cycle more. Bikelife also helps improve the health and fitness of children and families, as well as helping schools to reduce congestion outside the school gates.

We work with Local Authorities and businesses to fund and deliver these programmes.

Train the Trainer Courses

Are you looking to embed cycling into your curriculum or looking to expand the range of PE sessions your school offers? We offer a range of Train the Trainer courses to equip school staff, coaches and parental volunteers with the skills to run a variety of courses.