Active Travel Activities

We are committed to helping schools establish active travel as a normal and regular way of commuting to and from school. To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive programme of activities to support cycling, scooting, and walking.

Cycling Activities

Balance Bike Training

Balance bike training offers a great introduction to cycling, developing the essential skills of agility, balance and coordination needed to ride. 

Delivered on balance bikes (bicycles without pedals), the game-based sessions focus on encouraging children in early years to push and glide. Our instructors are creative and use imaginative games to build lots of enthusiasm on two wheels. The progression from balance bikes to pedal cycling becomes easier once pupils have mastered the art of balancing on a bike. 

Learn to Ride

Everyone remembers the first time they learnt to ride and we ensure this starts a lifelong love of cycling.

Aimed at pupils who are unable to cycle, the sessions motivate pupils to master the skills of balance, control and pedalling. Whether children are trying for the first time or older children are after additional guidance, we provide fun and supportive steps to help pupils discover the joy of cycling on two wheels. 

Bike Maintenance Training

We run bike maintenance training sessions for children in Key Stage 2 with our qualified, experienced and friendly mechanics. We aim to build pupils’ confidence in looking after their own bikes, enabling them to make simple adjustments and repairs.

Our bike maintenance sessions are delivered over two sessions. During the course, children will learn how to fix a puncture, change an inner tube, modify their saddle height, adjust their gears and carry out basic brake adjustment.

Bike Club

Bike Club is designed to develop a lifelong love for cycling amongst all participants. Targeted at Key Stage 2 pupils, the sessions demonstrate to participants what can be achieved on a bike through fun and inspiring activities. 

Our 5-session club includes bike handling games, grass track racing, bike maintenance challenges and much more.

Bike Club can be run during school curriculum time as well as in school holidays or holiday camps.


Scootlife Training

Scooter training aims to promote the use of scooters as a fun, active and easy way to make simple journeys on the pavement.

Targeted at children in school Years 2-6, the session will cover handling skills, pavement etiquette and the Green Cross Code through a variety of enjoyable games. 


Pedestrian Training for Reception

We take reception pupils on a short walk around the local area to educate them on the basics of walking whilst with an adult. We teach in a fun and interactive way to cover topics including the kerb, pavement, stop-look-listen, crossing points and parked cars.

Pedestrian Training

for Year 3 Pupils

Focusing on route planning, we work with pupils over a walk to empower them to make decisions on topics including appropriate places to cross, judging speed and distance of road users, vehicle lights and parked cars. To achieve this, children take it in turns to lead a small group on a short walk they have planned where they make the decisions with our team on hand to support them.