A Decade Inspiring Others!

10 years of life-changing work deserves celebrating. This month we congratulation Bikeability instructor, Anna, on a decade enthusing others to ride more.

Anna has been a huge asset to Outspoken with her can-do attitude helping riders to overcome barriers whilst her positive outlook has inspired others. During the last 10 years, Anna has:

Anna has kindly put into words her experience as a Bikeability instructor:

Why did you become an instructor?

When my maternity leave came to an end, I was looking for a role that would fit around my children being at school. Becoming an instructor was perfect as I could work things around my young family.

What did you think of the instructor course?

The course helped me to feel confident when teaching children. It’s not based around how much cycling you do yourself but how you teach and empower young children to ride.  I particularly liked doing practical activities on our cycles as part of the course. I also receive ongoing help and support once the course had finished.

Why did you become a peer mentoring?

I clearly remember how I felt as a new instructor. It’s quite daunting when you must remember the course content and teach very excited children out on the road for the first time.  So, when I was approached to become a mentor, I wanted instructors to feel that they had the support they need.  As a mentor you are there to offer help, guidance, share different approaches to teaching and offer feedback to all instructors. It’s a very rewarding role.

What was your experience delivering a whole school cycling project?

Outspoken had planned so many different cycling related activities for this project, activities that the whole school could participate in. So, when I was asked to deliver the project it was a great opportunity to inspire as many children as I could to take part. The project was a huge success as it encouraged many children to cycle to school so I consider that a fantastic achievement:

  • Four cycle try out shows for 740 participants
  • Delivered training for 83 reception pupils on balance bikes
  • Trained 47 children to cycle for the first time.
  • Helped 32 pupils become junior cycle mechanics
  • Coordinated internal and inter school competitions leading to an increase from 158 to 337 children cycling to school.

The project also went towards me winning the Bikeability Instructor of the Year award, something I’m very proud of.

What was your experience delivering the Immersive Reality Study?

I like having the opportunity to try new things, so when I was asked to deliver the project, I immediately said yes. It’s interesting to see how new technology can be merged with our existing way of delivery and how this could help certain groups of children before they ride on the road.

What has been your highlight over the 10 years?

There are so many things I could write for this. I guess that shows how much I love my job. It was so lovely to win an award for what I do but for me teaching children to learn to ride a cycle is just wonderful. I’ve had the pleasure of helping lots of children learn to ride when they are very young, I then meet them again in year six for their Level 2 Bikeability. They don’t forget you! They remember your name and then you get to take them out on the road with you. That is when you know you have made a huge impact on their cycling journey. It’s the best feeling in the world to see just how far they have come and what that means to them. 

What would you say to anyone considering becoming and instructor?

You don’t need to ride hundreds of miles a week to become an instructor. It’s about helping children to enjoy being on a cycle, helping them to learn new skills in a fun way, and when they are ready, you can take them on the road so they can become independent cyclists. You will love it!

Kieron, Managing Director, commented:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Anna for all her amazing work over the last decade. She epitomises everything we could hope for from an instructor and has made a real difference to thousands of people’s lives by spreading your joy of cycling. Thank you!”

Congratulations Anna on all your life-changing work over the last decade. We hope you enjoy the next 10 years and much as the first decade!

If you are interested in becoming an instructor with Outspoken, please visit our vacancy page.