One-to-One Training in Warwickshire with Steve Self

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In May of this year, Outspoken Training began delivery of Bikeability training in schools across Warwickshire. That same month, experienced instructor Steve Self joined our team and quickly demonstrated his commitment to providing high quality training to both pupils in schools and to individuals alike.

Throughout the rest of the summer term and the six week holidays, Steve helped deliver Bikeability courses to over ninety children in Warwickshire, including supplying thirteen one-to-one sessions in the summer. This number has continued to climb since the pupils returned to school in September for the Autumn term. His dedication to delivering high quality cycle training since he joined our team is inspiring!

We spoke to Steve to discuss his hard work this year.

Outspoken instructor Steve Self has been delivering one-to-one training in Warwickshire this year.
What made you want to become a cycling instructor?

“Since taking Voluntary Severance from a 28 year career in July 2018, I wanted to use my experience in team-working, team management, leadership and working to very high safety standards to good use, and applied to become a Cycling Instructor late summer 2018. I am passionate about working with people, in particular children, and training them to feel confident and safe riding their bikes on the road.”

And why did you choose to work with Outspoken Training?

“Having enjoyed working in Warwickshire Schools since October 2018, I wanted to continue delivering Bikeability training and complete the 1st4sport qualification, so I applied to join Outspoken in April 2022 when they took over the Warwickshire County Council contract.”

What is it about the role that you find particularly rewarding?

“The most rewarding part of the role is to see the riders’ confidence grow throughout the training sessions, to know that I’ve given them a life skill and that it’s made a difference.”

As well as delivering group training across multiple levels in schools, Outspoken also offers one-to-one training for both children and adults. The aim of these sessions is to meet the individual needs of the participant. Our qualified instructors are able to tailor the training to help the participant achieve their goals, rather than working to the outcomes of the set Levels 1, 2 and 3. One-to-one training is a great way for riders of all ages and abilities to increase their confidence on a bike.

You’ve spent a lot of this year delivering one-to-one training in Warwickshire. What about this training appealed to you the most?

“I really enjoy the one to one training as it gives me the opportunity to build a relationship with the individual rider and give them directly the training they need, whether it be learning to ride or feeling safer on the road. It also gives me the opportunity to empower the parents to take away what they see their child do in the training session, build on it, and help them continue to develop their bike riding skills.”

Have there been any highlights from the training you delivered this summer?

“There have been a lot of highlights seeing riders become more confident. One in particular stands out. A 7 year old boy who wanted to learn to ride to play with his friends but couldn’t ride, was very quiet, and lacked confidence. By the end of the session he was able to pedal/glide 20 to 30 metres in a straight line. His parents persevered with him afterwards and sent a video a couple of days later showing him riding continuous loops, with great confidence. I trained his brother and sister in subsequent sessions and the parents confirmed that their older brother just loved riding his bike and they couldn’t keep him off it! It was really uplifting to know that he could ride independently and that his confidence and resilience had really grown.”

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