“Really Important”: MP Visits Bikeability Training at Cambs School

Last week, Outspoken delivered a Level 1 Bikeability course at Hardwick & Cambourne Community Primary School, where our instructors were joined by the CEO of The Bikeability Trust Emily Cherry and MP for South Cambs Anthony Browne.

Anthony and Emily pictured with pupils at the school.

This was a fantastic opportunity for both Emily and Anthony to witness Bikeability training in action, and to see firsthand the positive impact cycle training can have on children. Anthony, who grew up cycling around Cambridge, acknowledged this when chatting with Emily: “It’s a really important life skill, it’s really important for their safety on the roads, it’s important for their health.”

A big thumbs up for Bikeability!

Recent YouGov polling has indicated that 74% of people recognise the importance of professional cycle training for children. Last month, Emily Cherry appeared on an online panel for Education Live, where she discussed the value of offering cycle training to every child in school and the drive to include cycle training in the everyday curriculum. With less than 50% of children receiving on-road cycle training by the time they leave primary school, many are missing out on learning a key lifelong skill. While visiting Hardwick & Cambourne, Anthony voiced his support of Bikeability’s dedication to this goal: “We absolutely must meet our manifesto commitment that every child should learn the basics of cycling and cycle safety.”

“[Cycling is] a really important life skill” – Anthony Browne

Thank you to both Emily and Anthony for making time to attend the course we delivered at the school, and thank you to the staff and pupils of Hardwick & Cambourne Community Primary School for your enthusiastic participation in the training, and being such welcoming hosts! For more information on the positive impacts cycle training can have on young people, visit the Bikeability website.