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Bike Maintenance Courses

Velotech Accredited Training Courses are recognized by the trade as one of the leading standards in professional bike mechanics. We offer three levels that cater for professionals as well as keen amateurs and run courses for schools and community groups who want to gain an accreditation.

Velotech Gold Bike Maintenance course

Velotech Gold is aimed at industry professionals or keen amatuers wanting to gain a full understanding of bike maintenance. We run regular courses at our dedicated training workshop in Cambridge which are aimed at professionals or keen individuals wanting to gain experience in all maintenance tasks from wheel building to frame preparation. The course costs £400+VAT.

Velotech Silver Bike Maintenance course

The Silver award is a two-day training course and builds on the foundations of the bronze course. It's perfect for individuals or groups who want to gain an industry recognised qualification and gives a good grounding in intermediate maintenance tasks. We run this course for special request groups who are specifically looking for a nationally recognised qualification. Please  get in touch for more information.

Velotech Bronze Bike Maintenance course

The Bronze award is a seven hour training course and can be delivered in one long day or over a number of weeks as a series of shorter sessions. It's perfect for individuals or groups who want to gain an industry recognised qualification and learn all the basic but with the potential option of continuing their learning to Silver or Gold level. We deliver this course in the community to groups such as the Bike Bank project. Please  get in touch for more information.

Thanks very much for this! such a helpful document! I’d also just like to say that the weekend after attending the course, I bought the pump that the mechanic had recommended and did a M check on my bike. The bike had been in my shed all winter, and had flat tires. I would have taken it for a full service because I just didn’t know that it was safe to ride. I felt confident performing the check, pumped the tires up and have been using my bike every day since. I’m a very happy customer!

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