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Whole school cycling

Cycling is an important life skill which once learnt, remains something people can do for the rest of their lives. Learning to ride at an early age and being enthused and inspired to cycle is crucial to achieving the aims of the Bikeability programme, to get more people cycling, more safely, more often.

Spalding Parish CofE School have recently taken full advantage of the wide variety of cycling activities funded by Lincolnshire County Council, to give their pupils a great opportunity to have fun, learn and develop skills and build confidence on their cycles.

The school worked with the Outspoken Training team to put together a 2-week programme of training which included:

  • Bikeability Balance – balance bike training for Reception class
  • Bikeability Learn to Ride – non-riders learning how to ride for the first time
  • Bikeability Level 1 & 2 – Year 6 building confidence with on-road training


Kim Bird, Assistant Headteacher said:

“The staff, children and parents enjoyed a fantastic two weeks of cycling. The instructors, made sure all the children had a positive experience while learning the valuable lifelong skill of riding their balance bikes and bikes safely.

“We have more children cycling to school and the bike shed is definitely fuller. The staff have seen children in the holidays on their bikes cycling responsibly and putting their training into action. The Year 6 children have been telling the other children they now cycle because they are confident on their bikes.”

Feedback received from children and parents summed up the feelings of achievement and enjoyment:

“What a fantastic experience Bikeability Balance provided. My little boy in Foundation Stage talked about nothing else during the evenings!  Adventures with pirates and castles”

Bikeability Balance Parent

“My son is now able to ride his bike without stabilisers. Thank you for the opportunity of balance bike training as this has really helped to build his confidence. He is very happy and proud of his achievement”

Bikeability Balance Parent

“Lily really enjoyed Bikeability. She said the instructors were very kind and they spoke personally to me at the end to give me feedback and advice for Lily.  It has built up Lily’s confidence”

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 Parent

“We have been trying to get our daughter to cycle without stabilisers for ages then she did it within 15 minutes with the Bikeability people!  She was also immensely proud of herself”

Bikeability Learn to Ride Parent

“Level 2 Bikeability was a great opportunity for our child to develop and build on his existing cycling skills. It is such an important course that all children should do”

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 Parent

Bikeability cycle training in Lincolnshire is funded by Lincolnshire County Council thanks to a grant funding from the Department for Transport. For more information, please visit


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