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Velotech Bronze Course


Velotech Bronze is aimed at individuals who want to gain accreditation to perform basic safety checks on bikes and to perform simple adjustments.   Velotech is recognized by the trade such as the Bicycle Association of Great Britain as one of the leading standards in professional bike mechanics and is a modular syllabus. The course runs over one day (or a number of evenings) and is a perfect entry point into bike mechanics.

Who’s it for?

The bronze award has been created for a range of purposes. Here is a list of typical groups that we run courses for:

  • keen individuals wanting to learn the basics,
  • Bikeability instructors needing to perform competent safety checks and small adjustments to clients’ bikes
  • community and youth groups getting people skilled up to increase employability
  • competitive cyclists doing long distance rides and needing basic maintenance skills
  • organisations needing to sign-off bikes as safe and make minor adjustments

No knowledge of bike maintenance is needed before attending the course. 

Course Aims

The course trains you to be able to sign off bikes under your control as safe to ride as well as make minor adjustments. 

There is an ongoing practical assessment element as well as a multiple choice question paper to check all the outcomes of the award have been achieved.

Course Detail

Course outcomes:

  • name the parts of a bicycle
  • do a complete safety check of a bike
  • identify which parts to lubricate & understand different types of lubricant
  • remove and refit a wheel in a bicycle.
  • repair and replace the inner tube into the tyre.
  • adjust a loose or tight hub.
  • assess a wheel for trueness.
  • adjust brakes
  • set up an adjustable bottom bracket
  • set up gears correctly
  • set up a headset
  • assess and correct the safety and set-up of a handlebar and saddle / seatpost assembly
  • understand and complete a pre-delivery inspection document.

The course is run in a relaxed environment with all candidates getting the chance to work on a variety of types of bike with a range of components throughout the course.


The course costs £95 and includes:

  • VAT
  • All tools and equipment

To book on a course, please get in touch to discuss available dates