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Cargo Bike Training

How it works

We offer cargo bike training for anyone who can already ride a regular bike and now wishes to ride these wonderful bikes, whether it's taking the children to school, doing the weekly shop or using it in your business. The training is open to anyone in Cambridge - you can use your own cargo bike or borrow one of our electric cargo bikes

The training is given by qualified National Standard Instructors who are also experienced cargo bike riders. It doesn't matter whether you're a really experienced urban cyclist or aren't too confident on your bike, everyone learns loads with the training and will come away with new found skills. The training has two major outcomes: 


  • to familiarise yourself with the elements of the particular cargo bike - it could be a leaning trike, have electric assist and all of them have a very different riding experience than a normal bike
  • to ensure you have basic skills in terms road awareness and communication - the training is based on National Standard outcomes

​Your instructor will be enthusiastic and encouraging, making the sessions enjoyable as well as outcome-focused.


It costs just £50 per 2 hour session and you may even be able to use the session to make a delivery.

Prices include all instructor time as well as VAT and use of one of our cargo bikes if you hire from us. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Where does the training take place?

We currently offer this training in Cambridge from our training centre here.

What happens next?

Fill out the booking form below and pay for your training session. One of our instructors will then be in touch to organise the training at a suitable time.

For hiring our cargo and other specialist bikes like our rickshaws, the training is a prerequisite and you must complete the training and show competence for each of our bikes (minimum Bikeability Level 2 standard). Once you've reached this level, you will be able to hire them out from us on an ad hoc basis. More details can be found here.