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Simrah Rises To The Challenge!

Having impaired hearing that is quite severe, causes a challenge to anyone wishing to cycle on the busy streets of Cambridge. But that didn’t stop Simrah from signing up for the Bikeability cycle training at her school.

Outspoken Training’s National Standard Instructors Sara Swire and Rob Archer were supported by Annabelle Lewis (Assistant Headteacher) and other teachers from St Matthew’s School, to help Simrah maximise her potential and complete the 4-day combined Level 1 & 2 training course.

Adapting the training was necessary as Simrah has 2 hearing aids connecting to a remote mic and relies more on visual learning due to the lack of audio clues within the environment. Communication from instructor to trainee had to be clear and understood, especially when introducing the on-road cycling during Level 2 training.

Sarah Swire was very happy with the outcome saying:

“Simrah worked extremely hard throughout the course, she began as quite a wobbly cyclist but she gained confidence massively over the week. We refined our teaching techniques each day, ensuring we only used the mic at the right times to avoid flooding Simrah with irrelevant details.

Simrah changed from a worried cyclist to a confident on-road cyclist, achieving her Level 2 badge which she really dd deserve it!”

Well done Simrah, with your determination, the excellent support and encouragement from your teachers and some great teaching from Outspoken Training instructors, your dream of becoming a regular cyclist has been achieved.

A great example of all-inclusivity and how one young trainee’s limited hearing did not stop her from enjoying the right to taking part in Bikeability cycle training and having fun with her classmates.

Let’s hope you enjoy many years of cycling in Cambridge!

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