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Rebecca's Bikeability Story

Taking part in Bikeability cycle training is an exciting time for children, and many Year 5 & 6 pupils look forward to their opportunity when Outspoken Training come to the school to deliver Level 2 training. We are proud to support the all-inclusive aspects of Bikeability and recognise pupils' needs may vary including those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and special needs who may need extra support in overcoming the additional barriers to cycling.

Rebecca, a pupil from Park Street Primary School in Cambridge, has a visual impairment yet cycled regularly with her Dad and family and was intent on taking part in the training alongside her peers.

With help from the Sensory Support Team within Cambridgeshire County Council and the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) a plan was made to identify the challenges this would create and find the solutions to adapt the training to help maximise Rebecca’s experience.

Jane from the Sensory Support Team said:

It is important that all students are included in your training. The best way to achieve good inclusion is through the pre-planning and accurate information sharing that we were able to do and create a discussion between all stakeholders. The communication between the three of us provided enough information for all concerned to feel confident that we were giving the student the best opportunity to achieve her full potential with the right amount of support.”

Outspoken's National Standard Instructors, Sarah and Jenny, were well prepared and helped Rebecca complete both the Level 1 & 2 course. Rebecca's experience was amazing, and she is now feeling much more confident cycling with the family.

Rebecca was enthused by the experience saying:

“It was all really fun, I liked the road sign quiz lots and I also really enjoyed doing right turns out and right turns in. I now know much more than I did at the start. I feel really confident about riding on the roads now, more confident than my dad now.”

Sarah from Outspoken was very impressed with Rebecca’s efforts saying:

"Rebecca worked really hard throughout the Bikeability course. In the beginning she was keen to make decisions at the same speed as the other trainees but soon realised she had to take a bit more time to make good decisions for herself. Cycling is going to be an essential way of getting around for Rebecca, I was pleased to have been able to help her on her journey towards independent cycling. She is a determined girl and I am sure she will continue to make great progress with her cycling skills."

The family were so pleased with the outcome and Dad summed up the family’s feelings saying;

 “We were absolutely delighted with the way that the instructors handled Bikeability with Rebecca, their ability to assess the situation and adapt accordingly was great. They seemed to have a very sensible idea of how to conduct risk assessment allowing Rebecca to do as much as possible herself whilst properly assessing her ability, in a safe environment.

Rebecca’s mother was not allowed to do the ‘Cycling Proficiency’ training at school because of her eyesight, which is similar to Rebecca’s. This is something that she still considers to be highly regrettable and it was very important for her that Rebecca was given the most inclusive experience possible, which absolutely turned out to be the case.

Our confidence in Rebecca’s ability to cycle with us on the road is much increased after the training. We have noticed a huge improvement in her road-sense in general and are really looking forward to our other children taking part.

Outspoken have done a fantastic job and thoroughly exceeding our expectations.”

A great success all round, well done to everyone involved and we all hope you enjoy your cycling for many years to come Rebecca!

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