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Promoting Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is something we care deeply about and support through the variety of cycling programmes we deliver.

As proud partners of Modeshift, we were delighted to attend our very first Modeshift convention in Sheffield with other like-minded people to hear about the variety of excellent initiatives helping people to change their travel behaviour. The event also covered how technological advances are shaping the future of travel with the development of autonomous vehicles and E-bikes.

Our Head of Instructor Development, Stuart Meadows, delivered a short presentation introducing our Bikelife Schools programme, offering a detailed insight into how we have created a sustainable cycling culture within primary schools throughout the 7 local authorities in the East of England where we currently operate.

Attendees ranged from local authorities, government bodies and consultants from within the sustainable travel industry. All were keen to hear about how our Bikelife Schools projects have transformed the number of children and parents cycling to school, and how the variety of cycling activities have enthused so many people to make cycling an everyday part of life.

To find out more about the sustainable cycling to school programme, please visit our Bikelife Schools webpage.

Modeshift aims to encourage schools and businesses across the country to increase levels of sustainable travel within their communities. They hope to help improve the health and well-being of those involved, whilst also reducing congestion and improving air quality around schools and cities.

Please visit the Modeshift website for more information.

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