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Outspoken Secure New Cambridgeshire Bikeability Contract

We are thrilled to announce that Outspoken Training have been awarded Cambridgeshire County Council’s new school Bikeability cycle training contract beginning in April!

Bikeability is a progressive and inclusive cycle training programme where trainees learn:

  • Level 1 - To master their bike handling skills in traffic-free environments in preparation for riding off-road e.g. in parks and on off-road cycling infrastructure.
  • Level 2 - To develop the skills, confidence and understanding to cycle on realistic, residential roads in preparation for making short journeys by bicycle e.g. to school and the shops.
  • Level 3 – To navigate through more complex roads/environments and traffic scenarios in preparation for making longer journeys by bike.


In addition to the three core Bikeability Levels, Cambridgeshire County Council have also secured grant funding from the Department for Transport to enable Outspoken Training to continue delivering a suite of Bikeability Plus modules across all school year groups including:

  • Balance – Developing the essential skills of agility, balance and coordination on balance bikes (bicycles without pedals) to enthuse and prepare trainees for a lifetime of cycling.
  • Fix – Equipping pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to look after their bikes and make simple adjustments and repairs.
  • Learn to Ride – Helping pupils to achieve the valuable life skill of learning to cycle for the first time.
  • Promotion – Enthusing pupils, parents/guardians and school staff to cycle more whilst promoting the benefits and impact of Bikeability training through fun and exciting Cycle Try Out Shows.


We are really excited about the opportunity to continue working with Cambridgeshire County Council to develop cycling cultures within over 260 Cambridgeshire schools, enthusing more people to cycle, more safely, more often.   

Outspoken Training are looking for enthusiastic individuals to deliver a variety of our school and/or adult cycling initiatives throughout Cambridgeshire. For more information, please visit:

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