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Welcome to the World of Cycling!

Being able to cycle independently is an exciting, memorable and lifechanging moment. We are proud to support children and adults to achieve this life skill regardless of their needs and abilities.

George, 10, has a visual impairment known as Nystagmus, where eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements. These movements can result in reduced vision and depth perception and can affect balance and coordination. 

George had been trying hard to learn to ride independently but needed a bit of extra support to develop his balance skills and achieve his goal. After seeing an article in a local newspaper, his dad booked a one-to-one cycle lesson with our fantastic cycle instructor, Nikki.

Following research and discussions between other instructors and the office team, Nikki formulated a session plan and changed the venue to a quiet, secure car park with limited distractions to give George the best opportunity to cycle.

George started by practicing his balance off his bicycle with Nikki challenging him to balance on one foot (both left and right) initially with his eyes open and then with his eyes closed. After an encouraging performance, George move on to practicing pushing off from the ground and gliding around on his bike without using his pedals. Within 30 minutes, George elegantly mastered balancing on his bike by pushing and gliding in straight lines as well as weaving in and out of cones.

Then the magical moment came. Nikki introduced George to the pedals and the best position to have your pedals in to start. With loads of determination and enthusiasm, George successfully started pedalling within 80 minutes of the lesson starting. Whooping with joy, George was rightfully proud of his achievements.

Our National Standard Instructor, Nikki, said:

"George was a delight to teach.   Despite his eye condition, which can affect his balance, George's calm concentration helped him find his balance quickly.  This was aided by the super, lightweight bicycle his family had provided.”

George’s father commented:

“Today will be a day we will treasure and remember forever - it's a big milestone in George's life. Thank you so much for your care and attention. You've been a pleasure to deal with from the start.”

Congratulations for your achievements, George! We hope you and your family enjoy a lifetime of cycling together.

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