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Bikeability training leads to more cycling

new study has concluded that school children who have undertaken Bikeability training use their bicycles more frequently than untrained children of the same age. The study, commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council and produced by Outspoken Training, surveyed 224 pupils in four Cambridge Primary Schools and found that cycle training has made a difference.

Of the findings, Bikeability training led to an uplift of 12.6 percent in the amount of children cycling to schools as well as an increase of 11 percent in the amount of cycling children undertook with their families outside of school. Evidence from the study also shows that Bikeability-trained children feel more confident riding on the road and are less likely to ride on pavements.

Michael Frearson, Head of Quality Assurance at Outspoken, said "It is remarkable that even in Cambridge, where cycling levels are already high, that Bikeability-trained children are more likely to cycle frequently and confidently on the road than untrained children".

The study is available to view online with both Cambridgeshire County Council and Outspoken Training looking to repeat and expand the survey for this academic year.

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