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Outspoken Launch NSID Course

Our newly-accredited ‘NSID Train the Trainer’ course has been put to the test with a group of National Standards Instructors (NSI’s) all keen to develop their skills and knowledge, in preparation of delivering the ‘Safe Urban Driving’ (SUD) courses.

Any instructor who wishes to deliver the practical element of the SUD course must first attend the NSID Train the Trainer course to learn and develop skills in a variety of topics, such as;

  • Managing challenging opinions and behaviour
  • Understanding the industry schemes and regulations
  • How to deliver a challenging cycle training session


Many of the drivers that attend the SUD courses have experienced sharing space with cyclists in busy urban environments and recognise the challenge of negotiating their way through crowded roads. An instructor’s role is build understanding of a cyclist's perspective and behaviour, create positive on-road relationships and improve the experience of commuting for all road users.

The Train the Trainer course gives a pathway to a new challenge for NSIs, one that is very rewarding and can lead to a more variety. It’s a fun filled 1 day course with a nice balance of theory, role play and classroom activities and of course plenty of time for developing the practical skills needed.

For more information on the course please visit our SUD course web page

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