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Professional Driving Courses Still A Hit

We have been busy continuing to deliver Safe Urban Driving (SUD) and Van Smart courses in Cambridge alongside JAUPT approved Fleet Source

As part of their ongoing development, profesional HGV and van drivers can attend a 7 hour course to build knowledge and understanding of how to share the road safely with vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.

During the day, the drivers enjoy a mixture of theory and practical modules that give them the chance to share thoughts and opinions on the challenges they face driving in busy urban environments, and what methods they can use to overcome them.

“Many of the drivers have not been on a bike for some years and to begin with the practical module really takes them out their comfort zone.  But it’s not long before they remember how much fun it is being on a bike and the confidence soon grows.”

Stuart Meadows, Outspoken NSID Instructor.

The practical modules are designed to take drivers progressively from mastering the basics of controlling the bike to tackling complex situations such as filtering past queuing traffic and using advanced stop lines.

One of the recent participants was Lisa Wilson, from Burgess & Walker Transport, who said:

 “The sun was shining and we were out on bikes on busy Cambridge roads, something I never thought I would do. I hadn’t been on a bike for 10 years, I might go and buy one now”.

Gaining an understanding of the reasons behind cyclists' decisions such as road positioning and how we educate cyclists to behave to help HGV and van drivers gives drivers a lot of confidence and reassurance. The practical training helps to reaffirm the reasoning behind what we teach as well as giving drivers a first hand experience of what it is like to commute by bicycle. 

For more information on these courses, please visit our dedicated web page


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