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Outspoken To Deliver All Bikeability Plus Modules

Outspoken are delighted to announce that we received approval from The Department for Transport (DfT) to deliver all 10 Bikeability Plus modules. 

Bikeability Plus has been trialled over the last two years with the aim of creating a whole school approach to cycle training with children receive some form of training in each year of school. The hope is that this will embed cycling into everyday life from a young age whilst tackling some of the barriers to cycling. Outspoken have been involved right from the very start, helping to create the modules with the DfT as well as trialling the activities and events in schools. In 2015, we won a national Cycle Planning Award for our work trialling various modules. 

The 10 modules are:

  1. Bikeability Balance - balance bike training
  2. Bikeability Bus - Led ride through the community to school
  3. Bikeability Fix - bike maintenance training
  4. Bikeability Learn to Ride - training for non-riders
  5. Bikeability On Show - Bikeability demonstrations to parents and school staff
  6. Bikeability Parents - Cycle training for parents
  7. Bikeability Promotion - School events to promote Bikeability and cycling
  8. Bikeability Recycle - Event for parents to sell, swap and buy second hand bikes
  9. Bikeability Ride - Led rides from school
  10. Bikeability Transition - Led rides and route planning to new secondary schools


More information can be found in the Bikeability Plus delivery guide downloadable from the Bikeability Professionals site via the link below:


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