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Age Is No Barrier

There are many reasons why people choose to book private cycling lessons with Outspoken. From absolute beginners wishing to learn to ride, ‘rusty riders’ looking to gain confidence back in the saddle, and more experience riders looking to fine tune their skills through more complex roads and junctions.

Thomas, 9 years old from Cambridge, has recently enjoyed two one to one lessons with Outspoken's Nancy Minshull-Beech. During the sessions, Thomas progressed through all three Bikeability levels covering off-road, residential and complex traffic and junction outcomes. Thomas made such great progress that he became one of the youngest trainees to have achieved Level 3 with us. He was obviously pleased with his achievement:

Nancy has helped me learn to cycle through the busiest parts of Cambridge. She took me through roundabouts, junctions and queues of cars. I especially like how Nancy taught me. She told me what to do and then put me in front so I made decisions and got the experience. Now I have my Green Badge. Thank you Nancy!!!"

The benefit of the cycle training goes beyond Thomas, as his family will now be able to enjoy getting on their bikes more often too. Thomas’s father David said:

Thomas really enjoyed his two sessions with Nancy, who in a relaxed but focused way taught him vital skills for junctions and roundabouts and for understanding Cambridge traffic. Getting his green badge gives him his (and his parents) independence - he can now go to a lot of places, including school, on his own, which is really liberating for all of us.”

Nancy was impressed with how Thomas coped with the challenge set before him:

I was really impressed with Thomas’ ability to confidently deal with city traffic as we covered junctions from the station, along Hills Road into town and around the Fen Causeway roundabouts. For such a young rider to master these level 3 skills is remarkable. I believe he is one of the youngest Cambridge riders to achieve his level 3 badge."

Congratulations Thomas. We hope you enjoy riding your bike around Cambridge for many years to come!

If you are interested in booking a one to one lesson, please visit here

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