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Time to go Dutch?

News of the proposed Dutch-inspired roundabout in Cambridge, aimed at improving the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, brought the That's Cambridge TV crew to the doors of Outspoken Training for a reaction and Stuart Meadows (Head of Instructor Development) was only too happy to help.

There are many cycling campaigns and proposals for improvements in cycling infrastructure in Cambridge, but arguably none more interesting than the Dutch style roundabout layout. The proposed design aims to tackle the common problem of cyclists not being seen by drivers when using roundabouts, and to reduce the risk of collisions by re-arranging the rights of way.

A recent article in Cambridge News reported how the change in design will be more suited to how the human brain processes what the eyes see. By introducing 2 layers of ‘give-way’ points for drivers prior to joining the roundabout the problem of pedestrians and cyclists being lost in peripheral vision should be eliminated. To find out more you can read the article here:

In addition to improvements in road infrastructure, reducing the risks for cyclists navigating complex junctions or roundabouts can be achieved through improving the ability of the cyclists themselves. Improved awareness through good observation along with a better understanding of key points such as road positioning, hazard perception and communication results in a better quality of cycling and a reduction of cycling incidents.

During 2016 Outspoken Training carried out over 250 cycle training sessions in Cambridge, delivered by qualified National Standard Instructors, building confidence and knowledge for many cyclists, resulting in more on-road journeys being made by bike.

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