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A Sweet Success Story

On a recent visit to Newborough Primary School in Peterborough, 4 National Standard Instructors met an enthusiastic group of Year 6 pupils ready to pedal their way through the Bikebility combined Level 1 & 2 course.

Amongst the group was a girl with mild Cerebral Palsy which leads to an imbalance in strength between her left and right arm. This resulted in her having some challenges to achieve the Level 1 outcomes as quickly as her peers. But with commitment and determination from her and 1-2-1 support from the Instructors she overcome the challenges and made great progress to Level 2.

She completed the Level 2 course and although she didn’t achieve all the outcomes she was over the moon to have been able to take part fully from start to finish.

As a thank you for the patience and ‘all-inclusive’ attitude shown by our Instructors, her mum presented our instructors with some well decorated cupcakes and said:

“Her confidence increased so much during the week. Thanks to the kindness and expertise of the staff involved”.

Our instructors were very impressed with the excellent cupcakes but more so with the child's attitude and this was summed up by one of our Peer Mentors, Robin Brisley: 

“She showed commitment and desire to achieve as much as possible during the course. She demonstrated to her peer group what can be achieved with the right attitude and determination. What a great role model to others!”

Congratulations to all those Bikeability trainees that overcome personal challenges to achieve their full potential. You are all champions!

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