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Introducing the Bikeability Trust

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is currently being set up – called the Bikeability Trust. Their remit is to be an independent structure that cares for the long-term welfare of Bikeability and gets the best value-for-money for the industry. It will have 3 main, interlinked aims:

  • Maximising effectiveness of Bikeability (from funding through to training, to achieving outcomes ie. cycling more, and safely)
  • Promotion of Bikeability
  • Develop Bikeability – ensure it keeps improving, innovating, in line with desired outcomes


Once established, the Bikeability Trust will take on the support functions currently managed by SDG including distribution of award materials, scheme registration, QA, database, grants and monitoring.  As a charity, it is anticipated that there will be significant cost savings that will benefit Bikeability in general.

It is anticipated that the Bikeability Trust will be in a position to start operating from next spring.  More information will be available shortly, via the Bikeability Trust itself!

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