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Freshers Enjoy Cycle Seminars

It’s Fresher’s week and Outspoken Training have been helping students settle in to university life.

One of the best ways to get around Cambridge is by bicycle and to help, Outspoken Training have worked with a number of Cambridge University colleges to run cycle seminars. The aims of the sessions are to enthuse students to cycle more by boosting their understanding, skills and confidence ensuring that they are good road users.

Focusing on lots of interaction and allowing plenty of opportunity for attendees to ask questions, the seminars cover:

  • Bike and equipment checks;
  • Basic cycling skills;
  • Rules of the road;
  • Hazard perception;
  • Effective communication and road positioning;
  • See and being seen;
  • Building positive relationships with other road users; and
  • Having fun!


Kieron McNab, Head of Training, said:

“It’s been brilliant capturing the enthusiasm of Fresher’s week to promote and support cycling. Many of the students haven’t been on a bicycle for a few years so it has been an excellent opportunity to educate them about how to cycle appropriately and effectively whilst demonstrating that a bicycle is a fun mode of transport. Many have also gone on to have practical cycle training lessons over the years as well.”

Outspoken Training’s cycle seminars are available to businesses, colleges and groups looking to promote and support cycling as a mode of transport. For more information, please our 'business services' webpage.

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