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Inclusive Cycling

Grace who is 8 and has Down's syndrome finds new experiences very challenging. So on your first visit Grace was not interested in joining or even trying different bikes but with lots of encouragement and reassurance from your team she sat in the bucket bike. After a few laps of the playground Grace forgot about her fears and was smiling and waving at her friend as she was cycled round.

Again the first session on the balance bikes Grace was quite worried, but these fears were quickly forgotten when Stuart played a game of "sharks" Grace quickly cycled away from the big shark giggling and having fun amazing to see the transformation as she forgot about her balance worries and was intent on escaping the shark.

Grace has continued to work hard on her balance bike which is still a challenge for her but she has mastered steering and hopefully with more time and lots of positive encouragement and reassurance she will be able to glide along.

Thank you for your training here at Foxton it has given Grace and I and real sense of achievement with many helpful ideas and games that we can continue in the playground.

Jackie, SEN Teaching Assistant at Foxton School, Cambridgeshire

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