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Birthday Learn to Ride

Rosie  Aged 7  -  Learn to Ride

Newts Class at Jeavons Wood Primary school.

When the Bikeability Plus Try Out Show visited Jeavons Wood school in February 2016 all the pupils enjoyed the chance to ride a variety of unusual bikes. However, Rosie was a non-rider and even though she had fun being a passenger in the cargo bikes she really wanted to be able to ride a bike.

A few weeks later Rosie took part in a ‘Learn to Ride’ session with Nick Bradford, a qualified National Standards Instructor from Outspoken Training. Within a 1 hour session Rosie managed to progress from pushing her bike along with her feet to riding independently around the playground without help or falling off.

After the session, which happened to be on her 7th birthday, Rosie said “Mum will be so pleased with me! I’ve been trying to ride for 2 years and was a bit scared but now knowing I can balance makes me feel good. Nick taught me how to get my pedal ready and give it a big push, wheee!”

What a great birthday present for Rosie, thanks to Outspoken Training and Cambridgeshire County Council.

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