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Photoshoot for new Bikeability Parents Handbook

Outspoken enjoyed a morning in the sun to help The Department for Transport gather photos for a new Bikeability handbook providing advice to families. 

The short handbook has been designed especially for parents, guardians and carers of young cyclists who have just completed their Bikeability training. The aim is to share what trainees have learnt and educate parents/guardians with relevant, up to date cycling advice. The hope is that this will encourage more family cycling and build confidence and understanding for the reasons why trainees approach manoeuvres in certain ways. In particular there will be advice on road positons, tackling junctions and riding as a group.

Outspoken's NSIT, Michael Frearson, led the photoshoot with Nikki Searle coordinating the one road cycling demonstrations with one former Outspoken Bikeability pupil. Steve Garidis from Cycle Training Afinity, who is responsible for the handbook, was on hand to offer his thoughts with his son, Archie, also playing a staring role. 

We look forward to seeing the handbooks when they are released!

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