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National Standard for Cycle Training Update

Following initial engagement with the cycle training industry and key stakeholders, the Department for Transport has released a report outlining their findings and the next steps of the National Standard for Cycle Training review.

The purpose of the report was to summarise the key findings from regional workshops and an online survey regarding the changes to the National Standard that the industry and other stakeholders would like to see. The report concludes by outlining the key principles for changes and the next steps including:

  1. Simplify the National Standard
  2. Making the National Standard fully inclusive
  3. Creating greater flexibility within the consistent framework provided by the National Standard
  4. Ensuring that the National Standard is presented as clearly as possible
  5. Address specific outcomes that present delivery difficulties
  6. Make full/better use of new media


The findings also identify a need to increase awareness of the National Standard and a need for it to be promoted more widely/effectively to parents, schools and also to other road users.

For the full report and more information, please follow the link below:

Stage 1 National Standard Review Report

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