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National Standard for Cycle Training Review Update

Earlier this week it was announced that the Stage Two Engagement for the National Standard Review is now open.

The draft National Standard for Cycle Training (the ‘National Standard’) is a statement of competent cycling and cycling instruction describing the skills and understanding required to cycle responsibly. Broken down into six roles, each ‘role’ is made up of ‘units’ which have one or more ‘elements’.

The changes in structure are due to attempts to align with the national standards for driving and riding mopeds and motorcycles. The idea is this will help improve communicating the National Standard for Cycle Training to other road users, encouraging better sharing of road space.

Please find a link below where you can access the draft revised National Standard, the rationale and a set of frequently asked questions explaining the changes made:

The industry would welcome feedback from ITOs, scheme managers, instructors, stakeholders and beneficiaries via the link above. The deadline for responses is Friday 4th May 2018.

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