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Local Authorities

Whether it is supporting your Access programme, delivering your Bikeability or running a series of events to promote cycling, our services are always delivered with complete professionalism and engage with your communities in a positive manner. For a full brochure or more information on what we offer, please get in touch.

Bikeability delivery

We work with many local authorities to deliver fun, high quality Bikeability training that leads to the best outcomes of more people cycling. We are committed to constantly evaluate and improve our performance and led a survey last year into how quality Bikeability makes a difference. You can see this survey on our news page here.

ITO services

We support many Bikeability schemes by providing quality training of new instructors, CPD courses for existing instructors and ongoing consultancy and support. We travel to your area to make this as easy as possible. You can find more information on our ITO page or for a full brochure on what we offer please get in touch.

Bike Maintenance Training

Our full programme of accredited bike maintenance courses, means we can offer local authorities opportunities for their communities to gain valuable life skills and open up future job opportunities. Please have a look at our dedicated pages of our sister website Outspoken Cycles.


We can organise a whole series of events in your area and have a huge catalogue of activities from our popular smoothie bikes to pedal powered cinemas, cycle try-out shows and scalextric (cycle powered of course) as well as Dr Bike. Let us bring your event to life with our enthusiastic staff and fantasic event activities. Please have a look at our dedicated pages of our sister website Outspoken Cycles.

School activities delivery

Most popular in schools is our fully funded Bikeability Level 2 course for years 5 and 6 which is run during school curriculum time and as a holiday course but we also offer Level 1 and learn to ride courses for younger children. Have a look at our full list of school cycling activities.

"All outcomes were very well covered, understanding was checked through group and individual discussions and the trainees were animated and enthusiastic participants.” 

External Assurance Assessor - Bedford Borough