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Local Authorities

Whether it is supporting your Access programme, delivering your Bikeability or running a series of training course and/or events to promote cycling, our services are always delivered with complete professionalism and engage with your communities in a positive manner.

Bikeability Cycle Training

More people cycling, more safely, more often. 

Using energetic, highly skilled, National Standard instructors we aim to create a lifelong love of cycling amongst all our trainees. We achieve this by equipping pupils with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to cycle more and work with schools and parents to tackle cycling to school barriers. 

Please visit our Bikeability web page for more information on our school training and what Bikeability levels and Bikeability Plus modules we offer to local authorities across the country. . 

Cycle Instructor Training Services

We support many local authorities and Bikeability schemes by providing quality training for new instructors, CPD courses for existing instructors and ongoing consultancy and support for scheme managers and mentors. We are able to offer accredited training such as National Standard Instructor (NSI) courses and National Standard Instructor Driver (NSID) courses as well as tailor made CPD training. We can also travel to your area to make this as easy as possible.

For more information on how we can support your Bikeability scheme please visit our Instructor Training Organisation (ITO) page or please get in touch.

Bikelife School Cycling Projects

More pupils and families cycling to school. Healthier, fitter, more attentive pupils. Less congestion outside the school gates. A greener, less polluted community. A lifelong love of active travel. These are just a few outcomes of our award winning Bikelife project.

Our whole school approach means all pupils learn new skills such as balance bikes for foundation pupils, learning to ride for KS1 pupils and bike maintenance training for KS2 pupils. Children participate in lots of fun events and competitions both in school and between schools. Many of the cycling events are open to parents and school staff to enthuse them about cycling too. 

For a list of activities we deliver, please visit our Bikelife web page




Adult Cycle Training

Enthusing, equipping and developing the confidence to enable adults to cycle more. We have experience of designing bespoke adult cycle training programme to deliver on behalf of local authorities. All our training is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who normally fit into one of the catergories below:

New Cyclists (learn to ride)Rusty Riders (returning to cycling)Residential Riders (boost confidence on residential roads)Advanced Commuter (refining skills) and Specialist Bikers (cargo, e-bike and tandem training).

For more information and details of where we deliver our adult cycle training, please visit our one to one webpage.

“Instructors were well motivated and used Q&A to good effect, appropriately praising trainees when good work was observed. For their part, trainees were engaged and interested in the training.” 

External Assurance Assessor - Peterborough City