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Joining Outspoken

Having recently changed from several local schemes throughout the county to a centralised Bikeability scheme for the council, it wouldn’t have been the first choice of someone relatively new to the role of Bikeability instructor to have the Lincolnshire Bikeability contract put out to tender.

So it was a relief that it was Outspoken Training who won the contract as they had run my initial instructor training and CPD days so it was a group that I was familiar with. Once the decision had been made they made contact with information and an opportunity to ask questions.

The induction and CPD training days were held at various locations throughout the county with different dates available to try to help accessibility during the popular holiday period. The team were friendly and welcoming. They provided us with lots of information and were open to questioning and challenging of reasoning for any decisions.

Having worked in a school, my idea of peer mentoring was a cross between Ofsted and an annual appraisal. I was wrong. My peer mentor contacted me before my mentoring session asking if there was anything that I would like to cover. I had several things, some arising from the change in format of the training. We were able to cover these and more over my delivery of the training. I also picked up lots of smaller things that helped my delivery and was able to try out some combinations of outcomes that I wouldn’t have attempted without his input.

It has helped a lot during the transition to have a team in the office that are both easy to contact and helpful. Having not grown up with so much of the communication being done online I have really appreciated the patient way I was helped by both phone and email through any problems that I experienced. It is also reassuring to know that you always get an acknowledgement of any correspondence so that you know things haven’t got lost in the system. I now feel confident with offering availability, accessing my work schedule, invoicing and returning training outcomes without having to fill out lots of paperwork.

I am beginning to see a more consistent approach to delivery as I work with different instructors and am very glad of the training teams support!

Outspoken Training are recruiting cycle instructors throughout the East of England. Please visit our recruitment web page for more information. 

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