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"Gentle Rides for Gentle Folk"

We were honoured to have the opportunity to help support the launch of Histon and Impington's Trishaw Project this year. 

The project is modelled on the 'Cycling Without Age' scheme with the aim of helping people with limited mobility and/or social isolation to enjoy the natural environment, get out in the local community and interact with other people. 

Having heard about the scheme in Falkirk, the Friends of Histon and Impington Recreation decided to champion the idea and offer free rides on off-road cycle routes to local Cambridgeshire residents. They began fund raising in 2018 and managed to successfully raise enough funds to purchase a battery-assisted, trishaw for the community. 

One of our dedicated instructors, Nikki, has been involved with the project from the beginning and approached us to see if we could provide her with some additional trishaw training which she could then go on to deliver to other volunteers. We were delighted to help and our specialist instructor, Gary, spent a lovely afternoon with Nikki and some of the beneficiaries of the project, to test ride the new trishaw and upskill Nikki's piloting skills. Nikki described the experience as "an invaluable afternoon" and with her new found knowledge and trainer notes, is looking forward to supporting other volunteer pilots with riding the trishaw as well as piloting some rides herself. 

We are sure the project will be a huge success and will be grateful received by people of all ages. For more information on the project, to book a ride or to enquiry about becoming a volunteer, please visit the Friends of Histon and Impington Recreation website:

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