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Dannon Wins Bikeability Trainee of the Year!

Cycling is a life skill that most people learn, many of them whilst they are at school. Developing the skills and confidence to cycle on roads is a key stage in giving individuals the freedom and independence to make their own journeys, which is why Bikeability cycle training is so popular with children in primary schools.

However, not all children face the same level of challenge. For some there are bigger barriers to cycling and it is great to share Dannon’s story with you, to reflect on how Bikeability training at Pinchbeck East Primary School was delivered to meet his needs.

Dannon has cerebral palsy and suffers with weak right-sided mobility so he chooses not to ride a conventional two-wheeled cycle. His parents Carrie and Paul invested in an adapted KMX recumbent cycle so Dannon could still enjoy cycling with the family and enrolled him on the Bikeability training course being funded by Lincolnshire County Council in the hope he would be able to take part with his friends and peers.

Carrie (mother) said:

“We do our best to encourage Dannon to try as many things as possible and encourage regular physical activities to reduce his muscle tone and improve his flexibility. After several unsuccessful years trying to ride a two-wheeled bike, Dannon was over the moon with his KMX and it has helped develop his independence and confidence.”

Referring to guidance from the ‘Delivering Inclusive Cycle Training Guide’, our Head of Instructor Development, Stuart, was able to discuss Dannon’s needs with his parents and school staff well before training. This resulted in Outspoken’s National Standard Instructors, John and Louise, making plans to adapt the Level 1 & 2 training, to accommodate Dannon’s use of his recumbent cycle.

As the off-road training progressed Dannon performed brilliantly whilst being continually assessed by John and Louise, achieving all the Bikeability Level 1 outcomes in 2 hours. It was agreed that Dannon was therefore ready to move onto Level 2 and experience cycling on residential roads alongside his peers.

To help ensure maximum visibility whilst on the road a flag and hi-vis material were attached to the cycle. Dannon was also given the opportunity to demonstrate his understanding of correct road positioning, good observation, hazard awareness and how to communicate effectively with other road users. The outcome was amazing, with Dannon achieving all the Bikeability Level 2 outcomes.

Dannon was delighted:

“I am so pleased to have completed both levels and I am looking forward to cycling with my friends and family. I really enjoyed learning how I can stay safe on the roads. I am so proud of my Bikeability Level 2 certificate and badge and over the moon with the comments from the instructors.”

Carrie and Paul (parents) were so pleased with the results, saying:

“We are a very active family so can now enjoy dog walks, bike rides and Geocaching outings with Dannon on his KMX. The instructors have left a lasting positive impression on Dannon, and we can’t thank Outspoken enough for what they have done.”

Dannon’s instructor John, added:

"Dannon worked hard and enthusiastically throughout this course and deserved his success. He was a pleasure to teach and is a great example to others."

In recognition of Dannon's success, Outspoken nominated him for 'Bikeability Trainee of the Year' and we have been delighted to hear that he has been shortlisted for the award with the ceremony taking place on Thursday 17th May 2018 at the TABS conference

This is a great example that cycling is for everyone and no matter what barriers stand in the way, Bikeability is all-inclusive and can help get more people cycling, more safely, more often.

Outspoken Training deliver Bikeability cycle training on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, training over 5,000 school children per year. For more information on the Bikeability Levels and modules Outspoken offer, please follow the link below:

Lincolnshire Bikeability Training

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