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Cambridgeshire recognised for contribution towards Bikeability!

Cambridgeshire County Council are proud supporters of Bikeability cycle training and are proactive in getting more people cycling, more safely, more often. Over the years they have played a key role in enabling their Bikeability delivery partner, Outspoken Training, to have the best possible opportunity to enthuse more people to cycle. We were therefore delighted that their help was identified and rewarded at this year’s Bikeability Awards where the local authority won the ‘Grant Recipient of the Year’ category.

In particular, the council’s Cycling Projects Team have contributed significantly to year-on-year increases in Bikeability participation across all levels/modules. Specifically, this year the council have raised the profile of Bikeability amongst, schools, pupils, parents/guardians and residents by:

Promoting Bikeability regularly through their communications team

Promoting Bikeability alongside their cycling infrastructure investments

Offering free local cycle maps to every child who participates in Bikeability.

Working with Outspoken to identify areas to run Bikeability Plus projects in such as St Neots alongside a campaign to install a new pedestrian and cycling bridge.

There is strong cross-party support for Bikeability within the council. Due to the success of training in the county, demand for training exceeds the funding the county receives. When this challenge was presented to the Council’s Economy and Environment Committee, councillors tasked officers with finding funds from within the Council’s budget to keep the training free for all pupils. Councillors have since been active in identifying and setting up leads for local companies to help sponsor cycle training. This has led to the recent donation of £6,000 from Cambridge Assessment with a similar donation likely from the Tour of Cambridgeshire event.

The council are also supportive of the all-inclusive aspects of Bikeability training. Rebecca, a pupil from Park Street School has a visual impairment yet was intent on taking part in Bikeability alongside her peers. With help from the Sensory Support Team within Cambridgeshire County Council and the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator a plan was made to identify the challenges this would create and find the solutions to adapt the training to help maximise Rebecca’s experience. Outspoken's Instructors, were well prepared and helped Rebecca complete both the Level 1 & 2 course. Rebecca's experience was amazing, and she is now feeling much more confident cycling with the family:

“It was all really fun, I liked the road sign quiz lots and I also really enjoyed doing right turns out and right turns in. I now know much more than I did at the start. I feel really confident about riding on the roads, more confident than my dad now.”

We are delighted with the fantastic support we get from Cambridgeshire Council Council and are thrilled that they have been recognised for their brilliant contributions towards Bikeability training and enthusing the next generation of cyclists. Congratulations!

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