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Achieve Your Goals

Private cycling lessons help individuals gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to cycle independently, no matter what age or ability. From absolute beginners wanting to learn to ride for the first time through to confident riders wanting to improve their city cycling commute, the courses are designed to help achieve everyone's goals.

We have many stories of personal achievement and the satisfaction of knowing we have helped bring cycling into the everyday life of many people. The sense of personal achievement has been captured so well in this recent feedback received by one parent, who had tried for years to help her son learn to ride:

For many years I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to teach Owen to ride a bike.  He didn't have a balance bike when small and quickly progressed to bigger and bigger bikes (being tall for his age) however never being able to ride independently.  We got into a bad habit of biking side by side with me holding onto him which, apart from being difficult and dangerous, was probably not helping!

When we found out that Bikeability was coming to Owen’s school he was so keen to take part, but I knew he wouldn't be able to if he couldn't ride independently.

I booked the lesson online which was very straightforward.  I received very good email instructions in return and I was particularly pleased to receive both the email reminder and the pre-lesson call from Stephen.  This gave me the chance to explain Owen's situation (without him in earshot) and entirely put my mind at ease.

Before we arrived at the lesson, Owen attempted to ride his bike outside our house which didn't go well and resulted in the usual frustration and he even said that he didn't like biking, hence we walked the bike down to the lesson.  About 90 minutes later, Owen could ride independently!! 

Stephen was very patient, encouraging, enthusiastic and calm which suited Owen perfectly.  Despite getting tired towards the end of the lesson, I could see how proud and excited Owen was about his achievement. 

Thank you, Stephen, you were brilliant!

Yesterday, we went as a family to Fineshade Woods and Owen rode for 5 miles!! This is only a week since the lesson.  I cannot thank you enough

Owen is keen to continue biking and is thoroughly enjoying being able to ride and he said he LOVES biking.  What a difference a week makes!

Thank you so much Stephen and Outspoken training - I have recommended you to everyone I know” – (Proud) Mother of 1-2-1 trainee.

Stephen Baxter (NSIQ) explained:

“I was particularly impressed with how well prepared and enthusiastic Owen was. His ability to listen carefully and follow instructions, paired with his determination to ride independently was fantastic to see”

Private cycle training lessons are available to everyone and the booking process is easy and doesn’t take long through our website

Once your booking is confirmed one of National Standard Instructors will contact you ahead of the training to introduce themselves and find out how they can help you achieve your goal. They are supportive, encouraging, positive and patient and will provide you with a friendly service.

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